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I recently completed a mini project with Instar Farms in New Orleans for a green wall. It got lots of attention so I figured I would share the logistics of putting a green wall in your space. My clients space was perfect because there's tons of natural light. The room is basically windows and french doors.

Fireorb floating fireplace
Fireorb with blank wall behind

French doors in apartment
Lighting for french doors

We wanted the green wall to mimic the shape and size of the windows so there was a good balance between the organic pattern/feel and clean lines of the space. We worked with plant expert Erika Nolan to figure out which type of plant would work best in the space. That's when I learned about the wonderful work of #moss and #mossart. I encourage you to check out those hashtags on Instagram, it's amazing! Moss is easy to care for and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

We were concerned that the fireplace might block some important elements on the moss wall so we made sure the texture was heavier on the outskirts but still flowed in a way that looked natural.

Moss wall sketch
Mark up for moss wall

Once we got client approval on the moss wall we had it manufactured and installed. It was a big hit!


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