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Custom Pillows, they're worth it

In honor of #ThrowPillowThursday I'm talking about custom pillows. For most of my clients I recommend going neutral on the key pieces (key pieces: usually the most expensive thing in the room, something that cant be easily changed or replaced) and adding color with pillows, throws, paint, and art. Most people buy their pillows from everyday retailers like HomeGoods and Target but I'm here to introduce you to the joy of #CustomPillows. So here are 5 reasons to go custom:

1. You can preview what the pillows will look like in your home without buying them. See a fabric you like? Order a swatch or even a yard if it's cheap enough to see how the color and patterns play with your current look. I recently brought these fabrics to a clients house and she got to preview her look for free.

2. Customize the welting. The welt is the basically the seam that attaches the two sides of a pillow. Most retail stores do a "self-welt" which means the welt matches the pillow fabric. With custom pillows you can do a contrast welt, cording, piping, fringe... the options are endless. Email me with questions about welting:

3. The freedom. How long do you look for the right combo of pillows? I know it used to take me forever to find 5-6 pillows that all work well together and look great in my space. There are so many fabrics out there to chose from and you can source them from the comfort of your home. In my experience finding fabrics I love is a lot easier than finding pillows I love.

4. It's not as expensive as you think...maybe. I don't know what your budget is but the cost of a custom pillow is fabric + labor. You typically need 2 yards of fabric to make a 22" pillow. You can get a liquid repellent, stain resistant, and odor resistant fabric for about $20 a yard! If you went with a basic fabric you can get lower but if you want quality I would spend the extra $$. Labor is tricky to estimate but I can usually get a high quality feather blend pillow fabricated by a professional for $100. I'm sure you can get lower but I'm obsessed with the quality and attention to detail that my people always deliver.

5. It's one of a kind. Your space is a reflection of who you are! Why have a products in your home that thousands of other people have? Stand out and get something that is 100% you.

Interested in getting some custom pillows in your space? A. Robinson Interiors will bring the samples to you.*

*New Orleans and surrounding areas only


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