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Airbnb: Interior Decorating Tips

Airbnb has officially taken over the way we travel. It seems like any homeowner can now open their door to traveling strangers and make some easy money. The competition is getting stiffer so what can you do to make your Airbnb stand out?

Being a professional interior decorator has definitely contributed to the success of my Airbnb here in New Orleans. The way your Airbnb is designed can make or break you since most users are selecting based on the pictures. But have no fear, here are the do's and dont's of designing an Airbnb:


  • Use white or light colored sheets, comforters, and pillows. If you're thinking "that will get dirty so quickly" then that's the point. Your guests want to KNOW that this bed is free of stains and any other questionable debris.

  • Have a lamp in the room. This is perfect for when guests arrive in the evening. Turn the main light off and the lamp on, the ambiance is great. If your guest are coming during the day be sure to open the blinds.

  • Use faux wood blinds. They're more expensive than vinyl but it really elevates the look of the room.


  • Put anything in front of the windows, no furniture and not even drapes. If you decide to use drapes let them frame the window, do not cover the window.

  • Leave the walls bare but also don't clutter them with a bunch of small pieces. Use big works of art to fill in your walls.

  • Make it personal but do make it local. Personal photos and belongings shouldn't be used or left in the bedrooms. Instead use products from local artist and vendors.

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