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The New Orleans Cheat Sheet is an ever-growing and always updated list of New Orleans bars, restaurants, seasonal activities & more!


Discover categories like "Best Brunch", "Best Date Night Spots", and "Best Places to Dance" all in New Orleans. You’ll also find monthly local events and itineraries for special occasions.


Alex's NOLA Cheat Sheet is a linked document where you can stay up to date on all the best places to eat, drink, and party in the city. The Cheat Sheet changes and is updated frequently so you never run out of new spots to try!

Alex's NOLA Cheat Sheet 2024

  • Upon ordering you will be given 2 options for download, one right after check out and another to your email address. The download is a link that will bring you directly to the document. Bookmark the link or save it to your notes!

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