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A.Robinson Interiors was founded by designer Alex Robinson to provide clients with affordable and exceptional design services. Alex has a CIDA Accredited Bachelors Degree in Interior Design and years of professional experience. She has designed on commercial and residential levels for architecture firms, commercial furniture dealers, and reputable residential furniture stores. 


Alex works closely with her clients to identify and understand their needs, style, function, and budget.

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In Home Consultations & Design Proposal

Consultations take place in the client's home or business. This is an opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and get tips on how to accomplish your goals for the space. After a consultation ARI will put together a furniture proposal according to your needs and budget. 

Design Service..... $10% of budget

Once you've approved your design proposal ARI will order the furniture and supplies to your home or business. A second consultation will take place after the furniture has been staged. Design service requires a minimum budget of $2,000.

Virtual Design Service..... 10% of budget

Virtual design services are offered when a client has a floor plan and images of their space. ARI will review the plan, images, and discuss goals for the space with the client in order to create the design proposal. Once the design proposal is approved ARI will order the furniture and supplies to your home or business. Virtual Design Service requires a minimum budget of $2,000.


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